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Looking for a retriever puppy.

We get asked weekly what to look for in a puppy, as having some very nice dogs that have competed in the SRS, HRC, and AKC hunt test.

These are the things a responsible breeder will have readily available to you when you are looking for a pup.

Ask for proof of verification and documents to confirm.

1.Please do your research on all of these factors before pulling the trigger on your next hunting dog?

2. Is the parent's health tested? Hips, elbows, eyes must be certified by OFA for breeding quality.

3. DNA test EIC, CNM, PRA DM &, etc. Each breed has different things that can be found on pawprints for breed-specific.

The kits do not cost much, and the results are done for a dog's life. You can often get a discounts code.

5. Get a copy of pedigree? Titles on parents and in the bloodline to prove they can handle the job.


7. Temperament.

8. Research the offspring. Does the offspring have titles? Most of the offspring can be found on the

These are few things to look for in a puppy and a breeder that cares about the quality of the breed and the future of the breed. Look for the the good in the breeding.

A future post will talk about the puppy basics and the minimum things you can do with your gun dog before be sending it to a trainer.

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